What about 2023 when the ranking limit is reduced after additional mortgage loans in the lending industry?

I can say for sure.As a person who actually conducts consultations and writes documents, it is impossible to say anything else, but at least I can guarantee this.It’s advantageous to raise additional funds for collateral use… It’s hard for business operators such as sole proprietors and self-employed people who have preferential conditions to use the LTV 95% limit for additional mortgage loans. To be more honest, it’s impossible.”

There’s a reason to say this.It is not 95 percent of the current standard, but rather a falling standard, which is no exception to the attempt to set additional limits on the use of subordinated mortgage loans by the lending industry.That’s why since I bought it… it’s much more restrictive on the additional use of the limit than the current standard, and the 95% additional LTV limit is practically…


I’m really confused, too.It is regrettable that some of the low-credit multi-debt borrowers rejected the requirements for additional mortgage loans, which were naturally available in the money lending industry, but this is the reality.

The bigger problem is that if you are already using the LTV 95% or LTV 90% additional business funds, you will have to keep in mind not the additional business funds but the extension and partial redemption.The current article has a dominant share of content + the highest ever + the falling house prices + the falling house prices in Korea + the warning of falling house prices in IMF + the screams of falling house prices + the collapse of house prices in fearhttps://think.ing.com/uploads/charts/_w1200/Bank_outlook_NPL_2.png

Low-credit individuals in the 8th grade of sole proprietors are already using business funds after savings banks, and low-credit individuals who need additional business funds are already using them.

It’s an article that comes out when you search for it today.The market’s decline is even more… The article shows that if there is a plan to use it or if there is a plan to use it, it will be further reduced and strengthened by 2023, which is reflected in the standard price drop when using it in 2023, and that it needs to be improved again.

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